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We Love To Shop So You Don't Have To

we love to shop so you don’t have to



Become a GIFTed subscriber and always have the best gifts for your special someone at your finger tips. We take the guess work, the searching and the disappointment out of gifting. We love to shop so you don’t have to. Subscribe today and see how simple Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas, Valentines or any other holiday you need to gift for can be!! We’re GIFTed so you don’t have to be!


Don’t forget your Valentine!

Get GIFTed for Valentine’s Day!


We’re Gifted

The new way to “shop”. Created for busy people (when shopping is low on the list of things to do), men (they can't be good at everything), lazy people (hey, I'd rather Netflix and chill than shop for my 2nd cousin, twice removed too), moms (we're in our own category of busy, piano lessons, dinner, baths, school drop offs, oh and tomorrow is my dad’s birthday) and people who just don’t like to shop! The list goes on, there’s no shame in not participating in the gifting game. We have it covered with different subscription options to meet (almost) everyone's needs. Try GIFTed today, you won't be sorry you did.